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Burlesque and All Things Entertaining!

Producing events in Northern California since 2013!

Truth or Dare Productions creates memorable events with an emphasis on burlesque, body positivity, consent culture, safe spaces for entertainers and audiences, and maximum entertainment! You can see our burlesque series on select days at the Nevada Theatre or Golden Era in Nevada City as well as our pop-up events at venues in cities over California. 

Truth or Dare is the result of countless hours of creative effort from its main founder and producer, Cybil Unrest.

Cybil Unrest has been gracing the stage for over a decade with her always clever, sometimes comedic, burlesque performances. A crowd favorite, Cybil is 2017 Nugget Fringe Festival Best of Show for her production of ‘Let’s Misbehave’ and 2018 San Francisco’s Ultimate Reveal crown winner. Seeing the need for more burlesque in the world, Cybil not only decided to produce shows under Truth or Dare Productions, but also founded You Can Burlesque – Cybil Unrest’s School of Undress to send a whole new crop of fresh faced tassel twirling burlesque artists to the stage.

Resident Emcee Nick Fedoroff comes from the world of magicians. From coast to coast and country to country, Nick has been dazzling audiences with his elegant, witty, and always funny stage performances for nearly two decades. Working mostly with corporations, such as Samsung, Google, Apple, Salesforce, and more, Nick has made a career of making what would be otherwise very boring and stuffy business into engaging and energizing events.

Truth or Dare started with Nick and Cybil teaming up in producing events from Rocky Horror Picture Show with a full shadow cast to late-night dance parties that rage until sunrise, from fully online Covid-Lockdown Live(ish) Streams to fundraisers for natural disasters.

Currently Cybil Unrest is the master-mind behind the now mainly burlesque events that Truth or Dare produces.  Burlesque is the art of teasing and thrill of anticipation. Cybil is a master of excitement with tension, pleasure and seduction, desire with attention: She is revolutionary at her core.

Cybil Unrest teaches burlesque locally in Grass Valley at Center Stage Dance Studio, is an act creator and welcomes new performers at every show! 

It is all about being present and feeling connected, uplifted and empowered. True empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident. Being able to feel deeply, to know fully and suspend enthralled excitement. Burlesque will awaken the senses and through that you will find your freedom, which Cybil Unrest is all about.

For Our Upcoming Shows
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Here are a few of our lovely performers!