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You Can Burlesque!

-Workshops, Classes, and Experiences in Burlesque

Cybil Unrest offers Workshops, The Full Experience, and Weekly Burlesque Classes! Private Sessions Available!

Cybil Unrest’s first burlesque series workshop, in 2016, was a hit! Right then and there she decided to run with it. To tell you the truth she didn’t realize how many women wanted to learn burlesque, but after the 1st series of packed classes and private sessions, Cybil saw the need to keep this positive environment for women to feel safe and confident. Therefore she created You Can Burlesque a fun, educational, and thriving pursuit in burlesque. In other words Cybil will be your one-stop for all your burlesque needs! She even offers an opportunity to perform for those who are interested.

Have you ever wanted to build your confidence, learn burlesque, or simply have fun learning dance techniques? Burlesque and the Art of Tease is so much fun. Truth or Dare Productions head mistress, Cybil Unrest, has designed a unique experience to learn confidence, burlesque for the first time, or hone in your existing skills. Cybil has something for everyone, for the burlesque beginner, intermediate, or advanced student. The main focus is on confidence and stage presents. Cybil has a wealth of knowledge and asks her students to complete a Google Form where the students pick what burlesque desires they are most interested in and from this valuable information the class and experience is created. Sign up today! In her words “I am a muse, teacher, and student here to make your burlesque dreams come true!”

July 2019 Workshop Class!

Cybil has been performing all over Northern California and you may have seen her or one of her social media posts about her pursuits in burlesque and stage performance. Over the years Cybil has taught classes and private coaching and now she’s is ready to share her passion and knowledge with you. Miss Unrest is teaming up with local studios in Grass Valley, CA to offer workshops, specialty classes, burlesque classes, and private one-on-one coaching. You do not need to be a dancer, you do not need a ‘perfect body’ (whatever that means), and you do not have to show anything you are not comfortable showing! You just need the desire to join and the openness to try something new.

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#1 Goal – “Own a Room with Confidence” This is the Burlesque Experience! In her workshops & coaching sessions the main focus is in body confidence and loving yourself where you are at right now. Cybil Unrest takes you on an inspirational journey where you make lifelong friends, learn about yourself, and own a room with confidence!

Goal #2 – “Honing in Your Confidence & Skills” A Journey into Burlesque Know How! After working with Cybil you’ll be ready to kick it up a notch, hone in & learn more dance skills. She can help you master your craft and begin your creation of a solo burlesque act! Hooray!

Goal #3 – “Releasing Your Inner Vixen” Alright you’ve gone this far, let’s go all the way! With Cybil’s One-on-One Private Coaching it’s time to take all you’ve learned and release it out into the wild. Upon completion of your private lessons you will have the opportunity to perform your burlesque craft in a live stage show, be the “pickup-artist,” or perform in a group act!

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Each Workshop is 3-6 hours of instruction. Specialty Classes range from 1 -3 hours. All Burlesque classes are 1 hour. Each Private Coaching session is 1-2 hours. No matter which burlesque instruction method you choose, they’re all designed to help you achieve confidence, basic to advanced dance moves (no dance experience required), burlesque building blocks, secret tips & tricks, and fun, fun, fun!

Cybil Unrest is here for you & all your burlesque needs!

Burlesque Classes: Tuesdays at 7:30 pm at Step It Up in Grass Valley
Workshops: TBA
Coaching: Available by Appointment

Burlesque Workshops
Burlesque Classes
One-on-One Private Coaching

Private coaching: Email or DM on Social Media
Weekly classes: Step It Up Studio in Grass Valley, CA.
(subject to change)

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